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To figure out what you need for glass panels railings, choose the lenght of top and bottom rails you need, then, choose the correct glass panel format, see below for explanation chart.

Contact us for if you need assistance.

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Each Yardscapes railing section package includes :

-Top and bottom rails

-All necessary balusters

-Picket starter kit and screws

Each post includes :


-Post cap

-Post base trim

For stair railings :

Use 46',x36', or 72''x36'' railing sections as they are designed to be used as either regular or stair sections.

Use 44'' posts for the bottom of staircase sections

For glass panels railings :

To build a glass panel railing section, use a combination of the top and bottom rails package and glass panels. Glass panels are designed to accomodate for 4',5',6',7' or 8' lenghts.  Glass panels are also available in size of 6'' wide to adapt to a wide variety of designs. Contact us for assistance.

For specific angles :

If your railing configuration requires angles that are different from 90 degrees, you can use our angle adapter.  The angle adapter is adjustable up to 38 degrees, left or right, allowing for a very wide variety of options for a seamless and clean look.

Installation instructions
Installation instructions  Stair railings
20 year warranty

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